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The Human Impact Route Assessment (HIRA) tool and process aims to place safety of Vulnerable Road Users (VRUs) at the forefront of the heavy vehicle route selection process.

This tool should be used by a workshop coordinator. The coordinator will provide some initial details about the plan and routes, and then present a workshop by sharing the tool on their screen, allowing workshop participants to assess the different routes against criteria.

Download the HIRA Workshop Organiser Overview

Your data

No data entered into this tool is retained by the Department of Transport and Planning. Any data entered within this tool will be lost upon closure of this tab in your browser, so make sure you save it before closing the browser.

If you want to retain your data for a future session, you can use the Save as CSV file option at the top of the tool. Once saved, you can either continue using the tool, or return another time and use the Load an existing plan option below. We recommend saving periodically to avoid any data loss.

Load an existing plan

If you previously used the save functionality from the HIRA Tool, you would have downloaded a .csv file. Upload your file below and click 'Load' to continue with your existing data.

Getting started

Give a basic overview of your plan.

Define your routes

Provide details for all routes you want to assess. No more than {{appConfiguration.maxRoutes}} routes can be entered and you must assess at least one route.

Route {{index+1}}
Embedded map preview

Starting your workshop

Who is participating?

Provide details for all your participants. This will help keep track of attendance.

Participant {{index+1}}

Workshop: review route options

Discuss the details of the routes so everyone has a good overview of the waypoints and key landmarks in each.

Workshop: route assessment

Routes need to be assessed against {{appConfiguration.categories.length}} categories across {{appConfiguration.groups.length}} groups. Review each category below providing scores against each route.

Summary of Results

The result of your HIRA workshop assessment are below, with routes ranking from your highest scoring to lowest scoring. Routes are assessed based on the scores provided and given an overall grade between the following: 'Less Than Average', 'Average', 'Good' and 'Preferred'.

You may choose to print this page for your records.


No data entered into this tool is retained by the Department of Transport and Planning. All data will be lost upon closing this tab. To retain your data for future use in this tool, use the Save as CSV file function.

Route {{route.number}}: {{getEnteredText(}}

{{route.scoreDescription}} (top route)

Route description


Scores per category

On-Street Risks
Category and score commentsCombined score
Off-Street Predictors of Increased Activity
Category and score commentsCombined score

Workshop participants

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The HIRA tool is part of the Construction Truck and Community Safety Project, more details can be found at

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You can include a link from an online mapping tool such as Google My Maps that shows details of your route.

You can share any map links with your participants in advance, or alternatively during the workshop they can scan a QR code from your screen to open the map on their own device.

List any additional materials that will be referred to in your workshop when reviewing this route, such as photographs and documents.

If the map link supplied supports embedding, check this option to allow displaying of the map on-screen.

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